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AsmBB upload attachment improvement

#85564 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Създадено на 07.02.2023, видяно: 356 пъти.

We testing the new upload feature of AsmBB :)

1. The files are upload via ajax

2. All chose image will be upload (automatic) to server but it will not save again to the DB

3. Only image file can insert to the post

4. All chose file will be save as attachments, even if you chose new file ( see 2.)

Now you can both insert image in your post and save as attachment :-D

I hope johnfound will review and approve the code, pls let me know, I can upload the patch


PS: my others asmBB theme here: https://bgdev-free.asm32.info/asmbb-tailwind-css-theme.2640/

#85565 (ツ) Един от многото
Създадено на 07.02.2023, видяно: 352 пъти.

КУР - Keep Yourself Positive! 😊

#85566 (ツ) Дон Реба
Създадено на 07.02.2023, видяно: 352 пъти.

god bless you, bro!

#86029 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Създадено на 19.02.2023, видяно: 251 пъти.

Hi there 🎉

We're working with new Theme 🎨 :

1. Block: 2/3 columns horizontal block, image on the right side of the card

2. Blog: 2/3 columns vertical block, image on top of the card like blog theme

Improvements 👍:

+ Upload feature: no duplicate upload

+ Attachment area can be show/hide with button

See ya!

#86035 (ツ) Един от многото
Създадено на 19.02.2023, видяно: 241 пъти.

Keep Yourself Positive! 😊

AsmBB upload attachment improvement

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